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From The Shower

( An occasional series of mind rumblings from a mind of rather small dimension. Don’t be afraid.  You are safe inside. But, I am not responsible for what occurs otherwheres. ) BAT-S**t CRAZY (or BSC) It seems to need the … Continue reading

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The Baby and The Bathwater

The saddest and most depressing place in the world this side of the pits of hell is Divorce Court.  I know.  I’ve been there. What follows are some recollections and thoughts prompted by hearing about, but not reading, the recent … Continue reading

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Swallow All The Lies

    I link here to an article that appeared in an online publication I have been reading for a while.  The article was written last year, and I shared it then.  It is titled ” Our President -Theologian”.  He … Continue reading

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What He Said!

Speaking before the Catholic Social Workers Association on June 22, 2011, Archbishop Charles Chaput, one of my heroes, said a few things that needed to be said.  Follow the link to read his little talk.  The guy’s a prophet, accurately … Continue reading

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I will ramble… and this thing will be a mess!   I have a friend from high school, Dr. Frank Annunziata, who became a professor at a large university in New York.  His field is American History, modern American history.  … Continue reading

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