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I Had A Dream Last Night…

I’m thinking about it.  You see everything that takes place in the dream is exactly like what’s happening right now, even where you are; wherever that is.  This is the craziest dream I think I’ve ever had, because I just … Continue reading

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  Below is my gob-smacked reaction to an article in the current issue of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity.  The article, “Surgical Fantasy”, was written by Robert Hart, who is identified as the rector of St. Benedict’s Anglican Catholic Church … Continue reading

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Swallow All The Lies

    I link here to an article that appeared in an online publication I have been reading for a while.  The article was written last year, and I shared it then.  It is titled ” Our President -Theologian”.  He … Continue reading

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Towards The End Of All Strife

THE END OF ALL STRIFE Because I know how sensitive you all are, how finely tuned into the pain of your fellow men, and how willing you are to do whatever you are informed it will take to make everyone … Continue reading

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Wishing I Wasn’t Right

The long slow ride to hell in a hand basket that we have been on here in these Untied States for at least five or six decades has picked up speed over the past few weeks.  His Hopefulness, our regnant … Continue reading

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Part 3: The Other Shoe

Now I find out that Archbishop Timothy Dolan traveled to the White House and had a one on one with His Hopefulness right in the OO last November.  Well maybe not there, maybe outside somewhere in the hall, where Catholics … Continue reading

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Part Two: Christ Has No Body Now But Yours

A few days ago I scribbled something about a song that kept going through my head whose first line is, “Christ has no body now but yours.” Time now for an aside.  I received one comment on that entry from … Continue reading

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