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The Baby and The Bathwater

The saddest and most depressing place in the world this side of the pits of hell is Divorce Court.  I know.  I’ve been there. What follows are some recollections and thoughts prompted by hearing about, but not reading, the recent … Continue reading

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To Judge?

An old friend was talking about something in his life that caused him to change the way he had been thinking about things. I know a lot of people who are doing that, re-thinking stuff that had been settled long … Continue reading

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Today is a Great Day! On this grand day 100 years ago in the little City of New York was born Edmund John Joseph Ignatius Francis Xavier Aloysius Augustinian Vandelerian O’Gilligan Gallaher; whose like had not been seen on the … Continue reading

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Paradise? Sometimes.

Both are long dead, my parents, may they rest in peace.I look forward to meeting them again, and knowing them as I never have before, as they truly are in that place of no more tears.  Their memory is a … Continue reading

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Suppose you hear about someone you know Who has a child with a difficult pregnancy. Suppose you hear that the mother will go to the hospital some day And be tested, And the test results will indicate the child has … Continue reading

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Can Anything Good…

In an article by  the National Catholic Reporter’s man at the Vatican a couple of days ago, John L. Allen deals with Pope Benedict’s opening words on his visit to Great Britain.  The Pope, Allen reports, speaks about the dictatorship … Continue reading

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