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From The Shower

( An occasional series of mind rumblings from a mind of rather small dimension. Don’t be afraid.  You are safe inside. But, I am not responsible for what occurs otherwheres. ) BAT-S**t CRAZY (or BSC) It seems to need the … Continue reading

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  Below is my gob-smacked reaction to an article in the current issue of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity.  The article, “Surgical Fantasy”, was written by Robert Hart, who is identified as the rector of St. Benedict’s Anglican Catholic Church … Continue reading

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“We Love Death!”

Some thought occasioned by the latest sad doings in the Mediterranean
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The One Road

ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE: (apologies to Philip K. Dick and Walter M. Miller, Jr.) You know, Pilgrims, the thought has been occurring to my mind the past few days that I would like to have been born a couple of … Continue reading

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The “Kill” Team???

It was sometime in the mid-70s. I was still a DEA agent, and still working in Texas. We had certain information that members of the Mexican Federal Judicial Police were involved with drug smugglers and organized crime figures in the … Continue reading

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Day of Wrath

Rising through the stages of conscious from sweet dreams to the nightmare of another Day With the Democrats I briefly considered taking an axe to this machine and going back to reading books; doing things the way God (Oops, that … Continue reading

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Doing The Math

So, I’m on Facebook this morning checking out the stories of kids going off to school, the pet photos, the goofy one liners and the latest from my friend “The Diphthong”, a guy I went to school with who lives … Continue reading

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