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A Letter To A Friend

Recently a friend wrote to me about what has been in the news, lately; this new law in Indiana and all of the upset it is causing.  He’s a business person, and so he is upset at all of the … Continue reading

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To Judge?

An old friend was talking about something in his life that caused him to change the way he had been thinking about things. I know a lot of people who are doing that, re-thinking stuff that had been settled long … Continue reading

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What Can A Professor Say That Makes A Difference?

Random Thoughts After Reading a Well Written Piece From Another Apostle of the Obvious He writes well. Why not? He is a professor after all. One expects good writing from professors; good thinking, too. And, to give credit where it … Continue reading

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Today is a Great Day! On this grand day 100 years ago in the little City of New York was born Edmund John Joseph Ignatius Francis Xavier Aloysius Augustinian Vandelerian O’Gilligan Gallaher; whose like had not been seen on the … Continue reading

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D.A.S. Reich or Thick Clouds Govern the People

Darkness covers the earth?  Ask yourself the question.  Here is something to help you in your consideration of the answer. This is an interesting article from, of all places, the National Catholic Register.  But then, on second thought, why not … Continue reading

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Wishing I Wasn’t Right

The long slow ride to hell in a hand basket that we have been on here in these Untied States for at least five or six decades has picked up speed over the past few weeks.  His Hopefulness, our regnant … Continue reading

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Part Two: Christ Has No Body Now But Yours

A few days ago I scribbled something about a song that kept going through my head whose first line is, “Christ has no body now but yours.” Time now for an aside.  I received one comment on that entry from … Continue reading

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That is the first line of a song that has been running through my mind this morning, the Feast of the Assumption.  Especially today it has a whole host of strange and wonderful associations.  The line comes to us first … Continue reading

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The State of the Nation

You might remember that the voting age was lowered to 18 some years ago; part of the reasoning being that we sent young people to war at that age; so we should at least give them the chance to vote … Continue reading

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What He Said!

Speaking before the Catholic Social Workers Association on June 22, 2011, Archbishop Charles Chaput, one of my heroes, said a few things that needed to be said.  Follow the link to read his little talk.  The guy’s a prophet, accurately … Continue reading

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