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To the Manner Bred

My Chambers Dictionary of Etymology, whose 2011 printing I hold on my left thigh right now, has an entry on page 488 for the word “homosexual”, listing it both as an adjective and a noun. I was interested to know … Continue reading

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  Below is my gob-smacked reaction to an article in the current issue of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity.  The article, “Surgical Fantasy”, was written by Robert Hart, who is identified as the rector of St. Benedict’s Anglican Catholic Church … Continue reading

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Lollipops and Rainbows

My first thought on seeing the former White House lit up the other night was the Lesley Gore song of not so long ago, a happy little nothing.  In the video below she bounces along with her companions in a … Continue reading

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A Letter To A Friend

Recently a friend wrote to me about what has been in the news, lately; this new law in Indiana and all of the upset it is causing.  He’s a business person, and so he is upset at all of the … Continue reading

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Demographic Winter

This is short.  I want it to be read while there still are people around who can do that. On the street where I live there are twenty one single family homes.  We bought one of those smack dab in … Continue reading

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What Can A Professor Say That Makes A Difference?

Random Thoughts After Reading a Well Written Piece From Another Apostle of the Obvious He writes well. Why not? He is a professor after all. One expects good writing from professors; good thinking, too. And, to give credit where it … Continue reading

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Doing The Math

So, I’m on Facebook this morning checking out the stories of kids going off to school, the pet photos, the goofy one liners and the latest from my friend “The Diphthong”, a guy I went to school with who lives … Continue reading

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