Damned If I Know!
I wouldn’t be surprised if there were marches in the streets, soon; marches in support, and marches against. There has already been “Huffing and Puffing” from the professional huffers and puffers, and the elected ones, professionals of some kind or other themselves; the kind seemingly more interested in keeping their jobs, and the cushy retirement plan, than much of anything else; except for all that First Class flying time.
I am reading a book which I should like to recommend to your interest… And the interest of anyone else who uses their brain for anything other than to keep their ears apart. And that, I suppose, means all elected officials at any level, the vast majority of people born since, oh, 1970, and anyone who regularly watches broadcast TV or listens to all music written after 1945…anywhere. Oh, yeah, anyone who owns a “device”, like this one.
The book is thin, consisting of two longish lectures by then Cardinal Ratzinger and an Italian Journalist named Marcello Pera.
It is called “Without Roots: The West, Relativism, Christianity, Islam”. It was written about a dozen years ago, give or take
It is not a book which will make you smile. It is a book which will from time to time make you pray, curse the gods, throw a fit, kick the cat and punch the nearest wall. You will marvel at the pride, cowardice, stupidity, ignorance, naivete, blindness, evil and greed of the persons in whom millions of folks like you, ordinary people put their lives, faith, hopes and trust. And, you may even have nightmares. I have about grown out of that “faith” thing. But, the nightmares? You don’t want to watch.
In the end, which I have not reached, I suspect thta if you read it, you will become a more prayerful person than you obviously already are. But, in this case more mission oriented, perhaps? And, that mission being to pray and sacrifice more fervently, frequently, humbly and desperately for God’s mercy on the world. I am beginning to entertain those thoughts.
I don’t really think I exaggerate.
This best of all possible worlds is on a roller coaster ride into a brick wall, and we, 7 billion of us, are all in the front car….for the most part enjoying the ride of our lives. It ain’t gonna last much longer.
Anyway, get the book, read it. But not without you have a strong drink nearby. The first part is the reporter’s at bat, and it ain’t sweet. I suspect Benedict XVI’s part will be a little bit more gentle. The “Dear Reader” will need that. I know this one will.
Here is a quote from the book; a sample of Mr. Pera’s view of things, and perhaps that of the nice Pope. He has been writing about folks who have different ideas than I have, who doesn’t understand why some people think that way,: liberals, “one worlders”, Noam Chomskys and the like; folks who don’t like to hear other folks criticize a place like Iran, or a social club like Hezbollah, or maybe even CAIR:
“(C)ould one criticize…the Palestinian Authority? Not on your life!…Anyone who criticizes the faith of Israel… must pay a fine. The same hold true for anyone who dishonors the Koran… But when it comes to Jesus Christ and that which is sacred to Christians, instead, freedom of speech becomes the supreme good.” This is curious in a world where all cultures are supposed to be equal.”
Pera has bee writing about the European Union’srefusal to mention anything very much about Christianity in its foundational documents, or faith, or religion, by name. He refers to the difference (then) between the the European way of looking at things and the American one:
“In the words of John Adams, one of the Founding Fathers, the Constitution “was made only for a moral and religious people.” Take away religion and you take away the melting pot. Call religion a simple “spiritual inheritance” and the melting pot turns into a vague aggregate without true integration.”
Burning churches and Murder on Sunday, here. Beheadings everywhere else?
It’s not a bedtime story.
I have about solidified myself in concluding that the reason B16 gave up the job was so that, following the first one in the long Benedictine line, he could spend the remainder of his time here in his own Nursia doing the best thing, the only thing possible…praying that what’s gonna hit the fan soon misses.

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