Here is a poem I wrote the other day to replace one I wrote a dozen or so years ago and lost.  I was really bothered by the loss, and wondered what to do.  This is what I did.



I’ve seen two eagles, tree-top high,
Down the air above the river fly.
Their black cloud wings, fan like, dip,
Cutting atmosphere as they slip
From transcendent space above
To steady water’s flow in arcs of love
Interweaving as they slowly go.

I’ve seen the fire of the rising sun’s
Cool pink first light lifting cold dark night,
And the return of a billion stars, bright
As stream ice cold splashed over shining stones
In the red sun’s sweet soft set.

Dawn brings pink sky light probe, whose slow surprise
Night wakes, and sends away
Beyond fading stars, bluing sky
Shy first, soon bold. A bright unfolds past
Venus’ eye, the last jewel left
Of universal dazzle of deep, deep, still
Deep lively night, endless energy, silent
Roar of all in vacuum eternal.

At the window here light roars on,
Birds, first awake, bring sound song
After silence has sung the day awake.
Watch us then while little crystals single
As the billion trillion stars go,… where?
They fall sounding stillness, tapping tiny notes
Each one, to their stately dance
Ringing in the wood off leaves
Left lingering, alone, watching day rise,
Night, fleeing, fade. Whisper, they, in lazy
Waking, long season’s work done, feeling
Wind’s kiss in the Nave of Trees, inside
The great Cathedral of the Nearby Wood.

By the riverside trees dance to wind songs.
Ballerinas at water’s edge take their cue
From the silver fish below, a butterfly
A jay, faint perfumed breeze
And all the other dancing trees.

O, here, at fingertip, a billion years,
Galaxies in their trillions rolling on
Pause so we may settle, as again
And yet again, we sip the Morning
Glory. Merry in our place made
Where Mighty Angels played
When, then long, long ago
As they in obedience proposed
All hills, rivers, canyons, and clever rose
And all the stars in darkness deep
Dancing while trees in night’s shade sleep.

Though a thousand city lights in canyons made
Blink to sleep, as they our will obeyed
God’s hovering hand open stays
While His servants hallow all.
His servants hallow all.

PEG 02/28/2019

About Peadar Ban

There isn't much to say. I am here. I am here. I am here.
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