Swallow All The Lies




Islam’s true face

I link here to an article that appeared in an online publication I have been reading for a while.  The article was written last year, and I shared it then.  It is titled ” Our President -Theologian”.  He is a liar, and who believes him is a fool.

Fr. Pilon’s article will of course be viewed with scorn, and received with derision by many, the zombies on the left; progressives and socialists whose one appeal is to selfishness and jealousy. Few, really will read it, engaged as they are in their latest rage at the truth they wish ardently to prevent. That’s a shame.

The good priest, though, does very well though by the two or three hundred souls who will read this article.  Still, I’d like to hear him or some other well educated fellow conclude from history and present fact that far from being what Our Dear Leader calls islam…a religion of peace…it isn’t a religion at all in any true sense.

I suppose one might awaken to the notion that one’s pajamas were the divinity come down from heaven, and give them the love and devotion divinity deserved. But mere saying doesn’t make it so. Nor do I consider the marks of islam, murder, rape, immolation, slavery, subjugation, to be valid signs of a religious practice, belief or body or the presence and blessing of God among his faithful; anymore than stripes on pyjamas are such valid signs, no matter the spelling. What islam may be after it has been rid of any references to these works of Satan, these evils, anything or nothing would be better than what it has been during the bloody centuries since its foul birth; and the latter, the nothing, much to be preferred.

I would like to hear someone of Fr. Pilon’s status, or greater, tell me what may be wrong with that, because I can’t for the life of me think of a thing…as I also think that there is nothing wrong with islam except that it exists.  Ii is a lie.


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