A Meditation on Freedom and Independence


Poor Satan. He always gets it in the neck when folks argue, or when we do something other folks think is wrong, or “bad” or “mean”. Then they jump ugly on us and we jump back; and all sorts of lettered bombs start falling; verbal ones and metal ones.

If we only followed his example and blew everyone off from the very beginning, there’d be no hard feelings, ever, since no one would have anything to do with anyone else.  Everyone would be free.  You know?

“Just stay the hell outta my way!” has got to be the motto of Hell.

Stuff like “I’ll never darken your door again,” need never be said. No love doesn’t mean hate. It simply means solitary.

I think Dante had it all wrong. Even that Frenchie philosopher and play writer, Smarter, had no idea.  And, he was a Commie, too.  Commies are supposed to be the smartest people on earth, the ones with all the answers.  Just ask one.  Well, if you’ve got about a year with nothing to do but listen.

And no place ain’t more free than a Commie Worker’s Paradise.  Just ask them.  Nah, on second thought…

Back to Hell.

Hell ain’t bedlam.

It ain’t a small room where you and your worst nightmares get to spend every waking (and there ain’t no ever going to sleep) minute.

Hell is the biggest, darkest, coldest, quietest place there can be, where no one give’s a rat’s ass about anyone or anything forever. And, you’re there.  Alone.  You can do what you want forever.  What’s more Free than that?

Just sayin’.

I know music hath charms and all that.  But the first time I heard this, it scared the hell out of me.  Then I sat thinking, and said to myself no amount of noise, no screeching, howling, thundering, scary noise for however long eternity is could be worse than nothing, simply nothing.

Just you, and knowing it was your choice.  There are no “savage breasts” in hell.

Enjoy the sounds.

And then:

That’s All There Is.  Happy Independence Day!


About Peadar Ban

There isn't much to say. I am here. I am here. I am here.
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