Lollipops and Rainbows

My first thought on seeing the former White House lit up the other night was the Lesley Gore song of not so long ago, a happy little nothing.  In the video below she bounces along with her companions in a bus.  They have started from God knows where and are headed, again, God knows where.  But, they are happy, all of them.

So did the White House look happy and gay the other night.  (Please note, I mean to use the word “gay” in its ancient and original meaning of a person or event that is happy and bright.)  So, gay did it look, I had the sudden thought about this song, and wondered if there was a flag pole nearby, for surely there must be a flag pole on the, umm, White House grounds, it should be replaced by a giant lollipop!

Might we not then replace the Stars and Stripes, so bombastic, with Miss Gore’s lighthearted anthem:


About Peadar Ban

There isn't much to say. I am here. I am here. I am here.
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2 Responses to Lollipops and Rainbows

  1. This gay (also used in its ancient – like us – sense) little video reminds me of another jolly bus ride taken around 1958 or 59 from that place on a hill to a monastery in Connecticut. We all gaily sang our songs and laughed and joked. I marvel at how simple the world seemed to that bus load of callow youth.

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