What We Need And Don’t Need

( kind of a poem )

We need more carpenters. We need more plumbers and electricians. We need more cooks. We need shoe makers and tailors
who can use a fine nail and a fine thread, too, on leather and cloth; who can cut a hide and a bolt of cloth and make a work of art.
We need more fishermen and iron workers; workers with nets and lines, with re-bar and high steel, on the wild ocean,
above the streaming streets, balancing on the wind, dancing on a wave.. We need truck drivers and bakers. We need guys who
can wire a house and hang dry wall, tear off a roof and put on a roof. Hell, we need plasterers and brick layers to build a wall
to keep out the cold; a wall to hang a painting on; a painting of mothers and fathers so the kids can see who they were and know,
know how and why each of them came to be . We need lumberjacks and longshoremen to knock down a tree and to tie a ship to
the pier. We need barkeepers to pour an honest beer for an honest man. We need ball players in neighborhood lots, “spaldeen”
throwers who know  a curve ball from a curved wall. We need barbers and their shops for Saturday mornings and for  first haircuts.

These guys build and maintain, shore up and and support, do good work and know what fun is.  They’re all honest men. They’re all true men.
We don’t need more lawyers, accountants, investment advisers or “wealth planners”. We don’t need more ad executives, reporters,
commentators, analysts, panelists or pundits; sports, political, military or medical variety. They wear white shirts and silk ties and
shoes someone else shines for them; pay a hundred bucks for their haircuts but have never stepped into a barber shop. We don’t need hair dressers;
hair dressers, and guys who go to them. We don’t need more diplomats, bankers, or special envoys stinking up the air,  the air and atmosphere, making their own poisonous weather
with the contrails of their conferences in high places and rare spaces; handing their coats and cases to eager, dutiful young jerks from expensive schools.  We
don’t need vice-presidents…of any kind; committees or committee members in paneled rooms and puffy chairs with pitchers of water
and microphones; water to wet their whistle or whet their wit; wit no amount of whetting could ever sharpen beyond the cutting edge of
cooled lava or warm butter, microphones so the News at Nine may bring their mumbles, fumbles and foolishnesses to the boobocrats who voted for them;
the Big Deals in long black limos smoking long black cigars who bought them   We don’t need the kind of guys who read “men’s” magazines, and wear a jacket with some other guy’s name on it and don’t wear sneakers; but they have running shoes, and climbing shoes, and walking shoes, and skiing shoes, and every kind of shoe but honest shoes.  We don’t need men (or women) who miss the wedding ceremony, but show up for the reception.

We need fathers who are fathers, husbands who are husbands; wives who are wives and mothers who are mothers.

We certainly need poets. A poet will do,will do just fine in all these places, or alone on a hill, or meadow, or by the sea; just as long as he’s
listened to.

We don’t need constitutional scholars.

We need truth.


About Peadar Ban

There isn't much to say. I am here. I am here. I am here.
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