“We Love Death!”

I suppose it had to happen.

When I was a kid growing up just on the other side of the tracks in The Bronx, one of the guys I knew hated cats.  I don’t know why he hated cats, but he did. He’d tell us how much he hated them.  He’d try to get us to join him throwing rocks at them, chasing them like the stray dogs would do; or laughing when the dogs did what dogs are born to do with cats. And, one day he caught one of the feral cats that hung around the garbage cans, took it up to the roof and threw it off; with the inevitable result that there was one less cat around the garbage that evening.

One of the young girls in the neighborhood was not like this guy.  She felt sorry for the cats having to sniff around the cans for a meal.  Every evening she’d leave some few plates of cat food for them.  On the evening of the Cat Who Couldn’t Fly she knew, she just knew, that something bad had happened.  So, she went looking, and found its broken body.  She also found the smiling face of the guy who occasioned its being there.

One thing led to another; a friend of her’s beat up the cat killer; parents got involved.  Soon there were Cat People and Not-Cat People; and everyone had a side and a reason for occupying their side.  Who knows?  Sixty years later there may still be sides, and the occasional cat will be the only one suffering.

I thought about flying cats when I read about the three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped and murdered about two weeks ago.  I thought, “Here we go again.”  And, I wondered what the hell is wrong with these homicidal maniacs over there.  Is it the heat?  Is it the sand?

Is it for lack of alcohol, too much hashish?  Or is it simply that thing they call islam?

Permit me an aside, here.  Folks might feel put out with me for not capitalizing certain words.  I used to, you know, but I can’t, I just can’t do it any more.  I don’t think there’s anything about the words that deserve their being so treated as “proper” nouns.  I don’t think there is anything proper about islam at all in the same way I don’t think there is anything proper about murder, rape, enslavement….  Nope, I don’t.  So, I won’t do that.  I won’t treat them as proper and put a capital letter in front of them.  For the time being this is a free country whose Constitution allows me to do that.

So, I will  Sue me.

I’m not complaining, but I sure do wish that hamas and whomever else with a funny name over there among the dunes on a Mission From God would find a better way of making their point, advancing their agenda, before the court of the world.

I really don’t think that kidnapping and murdering teenagers builds any trust in strangers for oneself or the god one worships; just as kidnapping and threatening to sell young girls into slavery builds no love or loyalty for the same god.  Unless, of course, one is a muslim or a maniac one doesn’t think this way.  I suppose I could go on, but you all know the sad, sorry song about this allah and his prophet, mohammed, whom he is alleged to have sat down 1400 or so years ago and dictated all he wanted to say to folks.

Which, essentially, is this:

You get to paradise by killing people, and once there you get 70 some odd virgins to fool around with forever and ever.  If, that is, you’re a guy.  Girls?  Who cares!  Allah?  Who cares!  Along the way you can lie, cheat, steal and double deal anyone who ain’t in the thing with you.  Allah don’t care.

There you go. That’s the koran in four lines, oops three and a bit.

He made you, and all you gotta do, really, is knock your skull on the ground five times a day and kiss a rock in the middle of the desert at least once in your life…after you’ve murdered anyone in sight who’s not one of you… and he’s cool with you.

Now, lest you think that the guys making the occasional headline doing this stuff in the name of the religion of peace are some kind of  mohammedan special forces, the “mujahidin” they like to call themselves; lest you might want to argue that it really is a peaceful kind of thing, and the average joe is the kind of fellow you’d want for a neighbor, drop in on this story: http://shoebat.com/2014/07/13/60-muslims-break-church-take-three-nuns-rape/

The guys who did this are those neighbors, those decent fellows, who go to work every day and don’t beat their wives too very much, and haven’t yet killed a daughter to protect her, maybe, or a Christian kid to keep him away from her, maybe again.  They’re just your ordinary work-a-day muslim whose firm belief is that anything he wants that belongs to someone who ain’t a muslim is his for the taking.

Stories like the one above are a dime a dozen, every single day.

And some people really believe that islam is a nice thing.

I mean, really.

They would never believe that a guy who only wants to give himself a headache five times a day would break into a convent and assault a bunch of nuns or would ever say something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQ6S0-o3uFI

Yeah, that’s what they do.  They kidnap a few kids, slit their throats, and when the heat starts coming down, they send the women and children up on the roof to draw the fire.

God loves that kind of stuff.

Or, so they say who trumpet the words of their god from towers.  Or, so they say who hide their rockets, their bullets and their bombs in their mosques, in their markets, in their schools, in their neighbors’ homes, or behind their children: IDFHamas_humansheilds.jpg (1200×627) .  Or, so they say whose god teaches them to train children in murder and suicide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvOwsq1X1D8 .

Let those so inclined not think that such extreme cruelty to one’s own, and to anyone else, is an aberration, a distortion, a perversion of islam.  It is of its nature, as necessary and fundamental as skin, and bone or as a heart to a living person.  How else does a decision like this become the law of the land in Malaysia? 


Do not fail to note what happened in that country, which does not yet have armies of fanatics murdering in god’s holy name, when a previous decision went the other way.   Do not fail to note the mild response to the court from a Christian person.  Compare it with the worldwide response of muslims to a Pope’s equally mild, and true, comment about a question asked centuries ago of a muslim by the ruler of a once totally Christian empire.

All this and more, and worse, so very much more worse and horrible, has been taking place for the entire history of islam.  When will it stop?  Perhaps when there are no more muslims? But, one converts from islam and places a target on one’s head for doing so.  Perhaps when everyone is a muslim? Because, it is the truth, proved again and again down the centuries that one remains at great risk of ruin or death from islam simply for not being a member of that thing.  No one of its members has ever raised their voice to say that this is a great evil.  They would die, soon, who did so.  Surely they have been marked for death who do so.

If anything needs a reform islam does.  The thinkers should think about this.  The teachers should teach about this.  The writers should write about this; and the talkers talk.  If you are a muslim, you should be embarrassed and want it to change, and to stop.  If you are not a muslim you should be in part frightened, disgusted, saddened, and angry; especially angry at those who can speak aloud, whether or not they are muslim; and especially if they are national or world leaders, for not saying and doing anything to change, to cure islam of its cancer, its romance with death.

It is anything but the religion of peace, and mohammed, a homicide, a child rapist, a mad man, a liiar, is its prophet.

I suppose that kid all those years ago thought he was doing everyone a favor launching cats from the roof.

Everyone but God.




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