A Crime Against Humanity

Have you been reading about the recent kidnapping of 200 young girls in Nigeria?  Of course you have.

Among all the many horrors inflicted on the world by one bunch or another of bloodthirsty Islamic ghouls this one seems to have risen like a nightmare to seize us, at least momentarily, in its claws and hold us, helpless and horrified.  Why, even Michelle has interrupted a vacation of two to pose holding up a sign pleading for their relief.

In the meantime in almost any place in a long arc from Northern Africa to the easternmost tip of Indonesia, thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of rabid Islamic maniacs are bombing, burning, raping, kidnapping, beating, torturing, crucifying and imprisoning in the name of their god, Allah and his prophet Mohammed, “peace be upon him”; anyone, man, woman or child, who is not of their faith; and at least as many who are, but seem not at the moment, whenever that is, or in the demented judgement of their oppressors, to be “True Believers”, and thus to be no more than prey or sport.

What a strange god this is, this Allah, who encourages his adherents to rapine and murder and rejoices in the death of his creatures at the hands of “true believers”.  What a strange god, indeed, who orders, it would seem, those who enslave themselves to his blood-thirst to engulf in raging flames, swirling seas of blood, any who do not submit to his barbaric and de-humanizing creed.

Based on the stories, histories and reports of horror and mayhem committed in his name and for his “glory” against innocents by mad-men, not only recently but for years, for centuries, I have come to the conclusion that such a god is no god at all, but a devil; perhaps not any devil, but the supreme dragon of hell itself, the anti-god Allah, and the eternally damned enemy of life.  These crimes, these blasphemies, because an act of murder, rapine, torture and imprisonment done in the name of God is a blasphemy, are a way to heaven?  If so, it is a heaven I want no part of.

The other day at Holy Mass Father said a few words about what is required of us who share the Faith; who dare to call ourselves Christian in a world increasingly hostile to Christianity: compassion, gentleness and quietness were the words I took away from his short homily, even in the face of hatred and danger…of life and limb.  How different is the typical Islamic response when confronted with someone who does not believe as they do. It begins with threats and intimidation and often ends in murder, painful and drawn out, to the howls and cries of mobs of crazed fanatics.

I don’t hold out much hope for those poor girls in Nigeria.  In another place across the aptly named Dark Continent I think today is the day that in Sudan the savage servants of Satan are supposed to carry out their weird form of justice on a poor woman whose only “crime” was being raised a Christian by a Christian mother after her father, a cowardly Muslim, abandoned them.  For this, she is to be beat half dead and then beheaded.  Of course she’ll not die alone.  Twelve legions of angels will be there I am sure.

And, as the jackals exult and dance in their maniacal inhuman frenzy, telling the world their god is great, she will be received into glory in the company of martyrs, many of whom will have died with her across that blasted waste that is known in hell as the Dar al-Islam, easily translatable as hell on earth.

Thinking about this and all the other sick excesses which are visited upon anyone, even its followers, by the vicious sadists and homicidal maniacs who have been the principal force behind the spread of Islam since its very beginning leads me to conclude that it is, and should be so declared, a crime against humanity, and the sooner the better.


About Peadar Ban

There isn't much to say. I am here. I am here. I am here.
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