The Peaceful Kingdom

From time to time a thought occurs to my mind that cannot be gotten rid of.  I’ve been alternately wryly amused and more than mildly infuriated for several days with the strange connection between the betrayal and humiliation of Brendan Eich by his “colleagues” in business and his enemies in what is called by many the “Gay” Community; and another more recently irritating boil on the skin of the body politic surrounding the disinvitation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali to give the commencement address at Brandeis University this June.

Both incidents have their supporters.  Both have their opponents. But it is the odd thing that those who support the result of the first murder do not seem to have any interest in protesting the motives of the criminals and the result of their crime in the second very public crime.  Perhaps I have missed some voices, but I don’t think so.  And, that seems odd, illogical.

Regarding the first, I have linked to one source finding little wrong at all with the form of murder committed by Eich’s enemies.  The second links to a report decidedly against the beheading of a voice for liberation and progress for women in a part of the world over which a great darkness has loomed and fallen .  As I said it’s a situation I find marvelously strange, and wonder why there seems to be very little support among the first group of murderers for those who consider the assassination of a strong voice for liberation a despicable crime. I would have thought it a cause they would find affinity for, alliance with.  But…

I scratch my head, finding them both in their programs and policies, their words and actions, their lack of charity or interest in fairness or justice, despicable.  And,  I wonder at their appearance in the light of day, and their acceptance among people I might once have considered honorable and in places once thought safe from the gathering of raucous mobs; the same type of mob that called for the release of barabbas..

Both incidents are to my mind best characterized by the term “honor killings”, and I must acknowledge my debt to the writer of the Ali story for the use of the term in this way. Strange sense of honor.

More than that, though, both incidents are the work of the ages old alliance between Monsters and Cowards, the legions of those who hope to establish for the rest of us who have eyes to see it what I call The Coming Dhimmitude.  Perhaps future history books will with orwellian genius refer to these two things as two small steps for man-king (possibly another orwellian construction in the soon to be born…by the breech of course…New World.)

The EVIL done to Brendan Eich by the cowards at Mozilla and the rabid monsters in the homosexual community, both of whom were merely practicing the age old rite to humiliate and destroy someone in public and the equally old and tired practice of supporting through cowardice and accommodation such a kind of cannibalism, shocked many in its swiftness and violence and complete victory; like a blitzkrieg through a sleeping Belgium . The second thing; the EVIL done to Ayaan Hirsi Ali by the hate filled lying monsters at CAIR and the cowards among fools at Brandeis University participating in the same sacrifice of humanity on the altar of hate tricked up and decorated with a very pretty lacing of lies, was of a more typical kind long practiced and better done in royal courts and among princely advisers.  A whisper and a slight nod, then the knife.

They are compatible, though, these agents of vice at once crude and dignified, they all make lovely couples and will give birth, one may reasonably conclude, to a lively, healthy, new civilization, just being born of this “sacramental” manifestation in the flesh of evil, in a number of little evils to run free among us. Prepare yourselves who may not like the new neighbors to be ever so rigorously persuaded by ever so many ways and means, subtle and crude but always smilingly so, that unless you do come not only to like them, but to be unable to remember or imagine life without them and as part of their growing family, you will have become a thing in law and in fact that is not really human.

That is the true definition of “Dhimmitude”, that doctrine which makes of non-believers in its thrall another species mid-way between beasts and men. It is perhaps the most subtle and ingenious contribution of “The Religion of Peace” to reality here in the Kingdom of This World, and has, I don’t doubt, given the world’s Prince and theirs no end of pleasure and delight in blood and tribute.

I do know that the title for the popular work is “The Peaceable Kingdom”, where lions and adders are seen harmlessly among lambs and little babes.  The cold peace of the grave is a kind of peace, too, as is the dazed peace of the “muselmann”.  Ask Elie Weisel as night falls.


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