Demographic Winter

This is short.  I want it to be read while there still are people around who can do that.

On the street where I live there are twenty one single family homes.  We bought one of those smack dab in the middle of the place when we moved up here from Houston because my wife wanted a place with a lot of kids.  The add said that there were forty five kids living on the block.  That was true, and most of them lived within arms reach of our house.

Our front yard, our backyard, the street in front of the house and our kitchen, were filled with kids on good days and bad..and so were the yards and kitchen and streets of front of all the other houses on the block.  Carriages and strollers created traffic jams, school buses were filled with SRO crowds.

And, then…

Something happened.

I sat in my favorite chair and counted.  There are eight children under ten living on the block, now. There are five children between ten and twenty, only.  Four of them are from one family.  That means nineteen of the homes, the one family homes, are empty of children.  Since most of the homes are four bedroom models that means that…, Oh you do the math.  But a lot of bedrooms are empty….and waiting.

A block over from me there’s not a kid at all.

It is a quiet place.


So are cemeteries quiet and peaceful.


About Peadar Ban

There isn't much to say. I am here. I am here. I am here.
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One Response to Demographic Winter

  1. Life is preparing us for life after life.

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