The “Kill” Team???

It was sometime in the mid-70s. I was still a DEA agent, and still working in Texas. We had certain information that members of the Mexican Federal Judicial Police were involved with drug smugglers and organized crime figures in the US.

Some one of us involved in the investigation, here or there I don’t remember, suggested we develop some kind of a “hit squad” to get rid of these guys who didn’t know right from wrong. It wasn’t a serious suggestion; just a few guys sitting around in the office, or maybe at the bar some where.  But…

Wouldn’t it be nice, I know a lot of us thought; until someone mentioned that the thing went both ways. They might be inspired to come after us. And, so, the game continued as before.  It had its rules and we played by them.  I’ll not say our motives were pure at all, but as time went on, I learned why “the rules” mattered, and that wasn’t simply because  it was much more complicated and dangerous without them.  It was, but there was another thing about the rules, that thing called civilization.  Finally, playing by them, while it might be difficult from time to time, made the “game” both more fun and the players better at it and in themselves.

Doing it right, the right way, was a matter of pride for us. We were rather proud of sticking to the rules, and “playing” both smarter and harder. What, we realized, would be the difference between us and “them” if all we did was “blow someone away” every time we had an inkling they were a threat. Where was the skill, the intelligence, the “art” in that? Besides, it just wasn’t our job. That was for judges and lawyers to put together and present to “the people”…the Jury.

Do you remember “the People”?  Those were the folks who declared their independence from a king and a government which had no problem with doing to its “people” exactly what the former “advocates” for the people and “community organizers” are now beginning to do to us.  And, when they started the place we all now live in they started the rules we all now live by, and called it THE Constitution, and began it with the words, “WE THE PEOPLE.”

Nowadays, folks in certain places think that they don’t need the rules.  Folks in certain places think that they don’t need “the people”, except to pay taxes maybe.  Folks in certain places think that they don’t need courts and juries and all the other stuff that goes along with the rules.  And, that ain’t right.  What ain’t right is just plain wrong, and nothing good comes out of doing wrong.

And, ladies and gentlemen, THAT is the dirty, low-down, stupid, and really bad thing that is being proposed, being IMPOSED by the skullduggerers currently in Washington who are of the mind and have the personality to set themselves up as the arbiters of life and death over the rest of us, like some ancient baron in the forests primeval, some ancient rag of a king, some Don in a Sicilian village with his retinue of murderous thugs, some suddenly self proclaimed “divine” emperor on a golden throne, some big ape in the jungle.

And, when that happens…as it has begun to happen in other places over which unmanned drones patrol, when that happens, Pilgrims, you may bend over and kiss this Republic goodbye. On that sad day, do not look to blame someone else. Blame yourself, who elected the sorry bunch of criminals, dunces and ego-maniacs who are Our Dear Leaders.

The little video below contains an excerpt from some television program where two men, one a kind of announcer who lets himself get a little excited about this issue of, let us call it,  ”extra judicial” administration of justice.  The other is a fellow who is identified as a judge.  Pay more attention to him than the first person.  The judge mentions a speech given at a law school (of all places) by the US Attorney General, Eric Holder.  They further discuss an excerpt from testimony before a Congressional Committee by the FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Holder’s speech, we are told, supports what is already being done, the killing of American citizens overseas by means of drone strikes.  Director Mueller, who already knows the answer, evades answering a question about the legality or illegality of doing such a thing here in this country to American citizens.

Draw your own conclusions.  I will merely mention this.

Mission creep is always inevitable, and costly, and dangerous.


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