People Look East!

I picked up this little bit of timely wisdom from the Facebook site of The Christian Book Corner.

(I imagine that there will be some who may object to the exhortation below, thinking that such things as “purifications” of culture are highly undesirable intrusions into the private lives and personal “styles of living” that a tolerant and diverse society takes understandable pride in. I might wonder why any objection at all were raised in a tolerant and diverse society to someone’s suggestion that things had gone a little too far, and some serious thought should be given to correcting the course. An example? Recent figures show that the most visited sites on the Internet are those which cater to abusers of pornography. [I’d argue that no one merely “uses” pornography.] Oh, well.)

From the Catechism of the Catholic Church #2525:
Christian purity requires a purification of the social climate. It requires of the communications media that their presentations show concern for respect and restraint. Purity of heart brings freedom from widespread eroticism and avoids entertainment inclined to voyeurism and illusion.

One can’t help making note of the fact that the first word in the little excerpt above is “Christian” and that the second is “purity”. The Body of Christ, all of us who call ourselves Christian (and that means YOU?), are “required” to bring to heel the run-away communications media which seems, I say without irony here, hell bent on degeneracy. Not to put too fine a point on it, but one wonders if the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger when he was putting this little tome together had in mind more than just his little flock of Catholics. Do you think?.

One really does not need Catechisms to bring home the point to us. But, the little excerpt certainly convicts the heart. Perhaps others will feel the sharp point being made in some tender spot within?  What to do?

How about praying for the grace, and the courage(?), to do what we must do both to avoid and to bring tp an end “entertainment” which promotes “‘widespread eroticism and inclinations to voyeurism and illusion.”

This is Advent, when we are supposed to “make straight the way of the Lord.” There are some valleys that need filling in, the ones that run from Channels 2 through 500, and occupy the TV and Multi-Plex film screens across the land. “Hurry, the time is near”, as the lyric goes.

At the least we certainly can pray for two things, the grace to avoid those programs, and the grace that those who produce them, act in them, advertise on them and program them will stop doing so.

People, look East. The Lord is near!


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