The Presidential Street Fight

“You said!!!”  “No, I didn’t.  YOU said!!!”

During the few minutes I could stand, that seemed to me to be the course of the debate.  I was quite surprised that at one time Romney at one point seemed to tell Our Dear Leader to go sit down and he did.

The time spent watching this thing did not even equal the time I spent watching ODL’s nervous breakdown a couple of weeks ago with the same kind of fascination and horror one might watch a multiple crash at the Daytona 500, or hear the bone snap and see the leg break on some football player.  Spectacle is fine, but don’t let’s have tragedy outside the theater.  Well, maybe…

This is admittedly a snap judgement based on a very short view of things.  I think, and must conclude, that it, and perhaps the whole staged “debate series” demeans the stature of both candidates.  I went to bed wondering what someone classically trained in Rhetoric would do to either one of these fellows.  Thinking that brought on shudders, a mixture of excitement and horror should it ever happen.  Would we want to see two people we have somehow gotten to stand up and run for the “highest office in the land” flayed before our eyes?  Have we become that Roman?

What profit is there in turning a campaign which should be about ideas, policies, the plans for the general welfare of our country, into a Prime Time TV show, an entertainment?  What does it do to, what does it do for the nation, and for the people who are its citizens?

It is in vain, I know, but I do hope we outgrow, give up these things.  They seem to be little more than rough waves of the sea of stupidity we have been drowning in the past few dozen years.  And, as yet, there seems to be no rescue boat bearing down on us as we slip beneath them — smiling stupidly as we go.

Still there is this feeling of near sorrow for ODL.  I’ll never act on it, of course, but I think about voting for him….and shudder.

Pity that he must come out like that and be so common: the President, holder of the most powerful office in the world.


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There isn't much to say. I am here. I am here. I am here.
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2 Responses to The Presidential Street Fight

  1. Single combat warriors at the very least. Where are noble Hector and swift Achilles when we need them? What’s next Electoral Rollerball?

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