D.A.S. Reich or Thick Clouds Govern the People

Darkness covers the earth?  Ask yourself the question.  Here is something to help you in your consideration of the answer.

This is an interesting article from, of all places, the National Catholic Register.  But then, on second thought, why not something with Catholic in its name.  What other organization in the world is more concerned with freedom than the Catholic Church.   In these swiftly becoming the former United States of America it is one of the few such entities in existence.  How long it will be allowed to make its more and more considered to be irrelevant voice heard is something that should concern those few left yearning to be free.

You will read in the article above about a plan to install something called the D.A.S. (Domain Awareness System) in New York City to be operated by the police department.  What a chilling thought.  This system would allow the city eventually to track anyone’s movements anywhere within its bounds.  D.A.S. is the child of a union between the city’s police department and the geeks over at Microsoft, a machine hooked up to cameras all over the place that will turn The Apple into some kind of Peeping Tom’s Paradise.  I’d call it Worm In The Apple, but, then, I’m from a time and a place in that town where folks minded their own business and doors were left open on hot summer nights and unlocked all year long.

As a fellow who has worked an awful lot with guys from the NYPD over the years, and played with them, too, and respected them as smart, savvy, hard working and good thinking guys, I am a little ashamed to read that they’ve gone and done this.  I’m more than a little ashamed to know a guy like Kelly is Police Commissioner at the time it’s being done.  He graduated from the same college I went to.  He came from the same background.  He’s a combat Marine vet.  He fought for this country and the principles on which it was founded  Of Bloomberg, the mayor,  I expect as much.

I remember reading an article way back in 2001 not too long after 9/11.  The author was thinking ahead to what Bib Laden’s clever deed had wrought, and speculated that something like this, and worse erosions of liberty of movement, speech and association were coming.  Get ready for what was it, Blade Runner, Soylent Green, Metropolis, D.A.S. Reich?

Color me sad.

The Hindus have a god named Rahula, the “God With a Thousand Eyes”.  Here’s a picture so you know him when next you go to New York City:

Buddha, it is said, had one son.  He named him Rahula.  But, he did not name his son after the Hindu deity.  The story is that in Gautama’s language the word “rahula” means “impediment” and the youngster was given the name because his father, seeking enlightenment…a way out of darkness and suffering to freedom…considered this child of his to be something which would  prevent that.

If only I had time and talent, I think now, what could I make of that word, that many eyed monster, the “exchange” of suffering-not-yet-here for something called “freedom” and what is going to happen soon in New York, my home town, and gradually all over the place.  Why? So that we may be safe in our homes, in our comings and goings?  How foolish someone needs to tell us.

Someone I know spent time in Soviet Russia.  This person speaks of “watchers” everywhere, followers and shadows.  In that place everyone was a suspect and no one was free.  Everyone had reason to fear, which, as someone once wisely said, is the only thing we have to fear.  Seeking safety we descend from freedom to fear, light to darkness.

Germany in the 1930’s chose “safety”.

A critic writing in the New York Times had this to say about “Soylent Green”: “Their 21st-century New York occasionally is frightening but it is rarely convincingly real.”

It’s interesting to note that in 1993 the “Blade Runner” was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.  I am tempted by that last phrase, considering what is soon coming to your neighborhood after tryouts in New York City, to wonder what is there about the film that is significant at all.  Soon its vision of the future will be a commonplace.

Darkness covers the earth? Iwas Isaiah the Prophet who first said that, writing about the time that the Jews were in deep trouble with the Babylonians.   Thick clouds govern the people. And we, like sheep, have gone astray?


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