The Wages of Sin

There’s a lot in the news lately to distract us from the really pressing problems: too much time, and not enough money to enjoy ourselves during it.

The President may implode we read.  His AG may be exploded.  His VP, well, that’s already happened.  And, the guy on the other side may possibly have a walk over.  These are parlous times.  Oh, and the Vatican is picking on women again.

Give ear:

Last week, sometime, the headlines lit up with a story about some Vatican band of thugs ganging up on a little old nun at Yale for writing a book about sex, and how everyone who is able to enjoy it should be able to enjoy it in every possible way.  This occurred just a bit after they dispatched a band of assassins to murder all of the wonderful women who have done nothing more than spend their lives in selfless service to the mute and humble faithful for ages upon ages. The response from the usual suspects over here to this first and then this latest thuggery was immediate and overwhelmingly in defense of the poor women and, now, the kindly professor.  Like John Wayne rescuing the fair maiden they have once again saddled up and thundered down from the heights to defend Sister and her harmless ideas against women haters in long black robes. (BTW, can anyone tell me just what a nun is doing as a professor at Yale.  I mean ain’t there any Catholic colleges they can teach at?  Oops, sorry I asked that question.  I really do know the answer, and it is their ain’t.)

Now, Miss Maureen Dowd, among other things a moral theologian on a level with Mrs. Nancy Pelosi whose words and works will be the subject of scholarship and study for centuries, has burst into print with a scathing indictment of what styles itself as Holy Church; a deeply reasoned disquisition full of theological insight and truth, about the beauty of the nun’s work and the ugliness of her critics ape-like attempts to destroy her intelligent and right thinking woman.

Miss Dowd’s piece is amusingly titled: Is Pleasure A Sin?  “Why, no,” one is prompted to answer.

You may read her piece, here, and rejoice that Joan of Arc lives.  Do spend some time reading the comments.  They cure a quiet stomach.

In the same paper on the same day by pure chance there appeared another short essay exactly confirming and supporting the conclusions arrived at by one of the parties of the dispute between Sister Mary Holy Picture and the witch burners at the Vatican.  This second piece will probably get some poor editor burned at the stake for daring to put such a thing in the paper.  Do read it and wonder, please, about the nature of regret and the life long benefits found in the shadows that accrue from freedom of choice.  But after you do read it may I suggest a phrase for your evening meditation?  That is if you engage in such a practice, and if none yet occurs.  The phrase is: The wages of sin.

We know what they are, and when is payday.

Sometimes the most amusing things happen accidentally.


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