Part 3: The Other Shoe

Now I find out that Archbishop Timothy Dolan traveled to the White House and had a one on one with His Hopefulness right in the OO last November.  Well maybe not there, maybe outside somewhere in the hall, where Catholics get to meet with him.  And, he comes away and says things are gonna work out, like Julian of Norwich said, “All will be well, etc.”

“He believed me.  I can’t bleeping believe it.  He really believed me when I promised no problem with the conscience thing! What a maroon!”

Sorry.  That’s not properly respectful…of the Archbishop.  I do not have any of that left for the president…nor for the “office” he occupies.  But I cannot help feeling just a bit more angry than I was a few days ago and things like that slip out.

It begins to appear to me that what is going on here is a deliberate policy on the part of the Obama administration to minimize the influence of religious, specifically Christian, and more specifically Catholic beliefs, in public and private lives.   To minimize and eventually do away with it.

I quoted part of St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians the other day.  St. Paul’s full warning is, “I tell you, brothers and sisters, the time is running out. From now on, let those having wives act as not having them, those weeping as not weeping, those rejoicing as not rejoicing, those buying as not owning, those using the world as not using it fully.”

Imagine the head scratching wonder which greeted these words when the ones who “had ears to hear” tried to tell the others, the enthusiastic citizens of that ancient “Anything Goes” what the truth was.  Imagine the reaction when arguments against this horrible decision against millions of Americans are made in court.  Well, they have been making similar arguments all around the country for 37 years, God love them.   Ain’t nothing happened, yet.

When the arguments fail to change hearts and minds and policies it is time, finally to act as if the hearts and minds and policies simply did not exist, time to say, “No.”

I am not the only one beginning to think this way.

That’s a march I can join.  But why not go further?  Why not say, “On that day we will not pay them attention any longer.  We cannot make sense of them anyway, and they surely do not wish to pay attention to us.  They are busy with death, their own and others; perhaps mine and yours someday.  It does not matter.  Regardless of what they do, this war is already over and won. ”  And, make no mistake.  It is war.

What if we all join, eh?  Join the 53 million?  ( Is this merely rhetoric?  Who really knows these days?  Three years ago no one would have thought we’d see this day.)  What if all simply refuse to pay them attention when that day comes and they say this must be done?

No Sebellius, we will not listen.  No, we will not do as you say.  Nor you Obama, nor any of you.  Stay where you are if you wish.  You no longer matter to us.

No Sebellius, we will not listen.  No, we will not do as you say.  Nor you Obama, nor any of you.  Stay where you are if you wish.  You no longer matter to us.

God help you!


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