This is a riot!  These meatballs (and meatballesses) are fretting that the skeeve from NY will further tarnish their reputation with the voters.  How can one tarnish something made of crap.   Politics, they say, is the art of compromise, or as the Tipster once said, “You have to go along to get along.”, back rubbing and envelope taking…and giving.  It may be that by the time one has risen through the ranks of office, from school board member to member of Congress the number of envelopes, favors and compromises have simply rubbed away any sense of decency one may have had; the never ending run for office and pursuit of votes may have compromised into non-existence all morality.  Attorney Welch, where are you to put the question to all of them?

It occurs to me now to wonder if Weenie, oops, Weiner, was simply doing a little campaigning.  I mean he admits to having sent more than one of those, umm, ads to err, constituents.  Shall we watch our mail, and when it comes open the campaign notes from Rep. Blatt’s office in the bathroom?

Anyway, were I a member of congress, which thank God I am not, and still able to mouth the word honest and honor with out a smirk forming on my face, I would resign quietly and retire to spend the rest of my life in penitential solitude (like a clergyman?) there to contemplate the many sins I allowed to be committed while I was busy “going along and getting along”.

(Sigh) …whatever.  Follow the link for your first laugh of the day.


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2 Responses to GOOD GAWD!

  1. alan says:

    The man is obviously a seriously ill sex addict and needs our prayers,,,,dont get fooled by the veneer….in this case it was transparantly thin but such is not always the case….its alot easier to pray for this sap than it is for the despicable John Edwards…..What is with these Dems ?…..lets hope it carries some stench through november 2012….we need further housecleaning…its hard to get motivated to clean when everything appears ship-shape

    • Peadar Ban says:

      Sorry, Joan, about taking so long to reply. I hope all is well down there with all of you. I think you are right about the former Congressman who needs prayers…as do so many people.

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