Guessing Game

I love guessing games, riddles and such.  So here is a good one for you to “noodle” on, as a friend of mine would say, while you sit in front of the tube trying to guess whose dress cost more among the five thousand pretty things on the red carpet tonight.

What do all of the school’s on the list below have in common this year?

Bellarmine University
Boston College
College of Saint Rose
College of the Holy Cross
DePaul University
Fordham University
Georgetown University
John Carroll University
Loyola University Chicago
Marquette University
Seattle University
University of Detroit Mercy
Saint Mary’s College of California


Here is a hint.  They are all schools in the Catholic tradition


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3 Responses to Guessing Game

  1. joan says:

    and the answer is?

    • Peadar Ban says:

      The answer is that all of the schools listed are so-called Catholic schools which allow productions of the Vagina Monologues on their campuses, which is, as a previous comment mentioned, a pornographic vulgarity. I believe that most of the schools would now style themselves as being in what has come to be called the “Jesuit Tradition”, as Gabriel mentioned, whatever that may be.

  2. Gabriel Austin says:

    I’d guess that they are all schools in the Jesuit tradition, which since the Jebbies have no female members, and thus little knowledge of women, put on the pornographic vulgarity called the Vagina Monologues.

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