A Work Of Art

Upon St. Valentine’s Day we sat down to a lovely meal in the evening and enjoyed each others company and conversation.  There was a pretty salad of beets, arugula and slices of fresh orange.  Our dessert was a homemade angel cake, fresh raspberries and dark chocolate sauce to drizzle over it.


As the meal was finished, I was given a little package, a gift.  I opened it, surprised that I should be the only one to receive a a gift, and embarrassed that I had not thought so much as to get even a card.  It was a commemorative plate, one in a newly issued series of plates by a young artist here in New England, a Hungarian immigrant whom we both know, Cili Gaosanmor.  This is a limited edition, signed on the back by the artist in a kind of abstract-expressionist style.  The plate I have is done in warm sepia tones and is Gaosanmor’s interpretation of the “Ents Marching on Isengard”.

"The Ents Marching On Isengard" by Cili Gaosanmor

Gaosanmor, whom we know, says that she likes this part of the tale, and chose it as her first commemorative plate because she believes this incident marks the turning point in the tale, along with the Battle at Helm’s Deep, the second in the series he plans.

I took the picture above right after opening the gift, but haven’t yet figured out a place to mount, or display my plate.  I’d welcome your suggestions.

If you’re thinking of ordering one of them, or any of the others Cili plans, let me know.  Perhaps I can arrange a discount?  You can see photos of some of his works at his website: http://www.CGFineArtsandHandthrownPottery.com/ringsplates

I think you can tell that I was very pleased with my gift.


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7 Responses to A Work Of Art

  1. Kevin D'Arcy says:

    Hang on to that collector plate, Peter; it might become more valuable if the Great Hunger hits. But keep the ants away from it.

    Cili has a great career ahead of him as long as his artwork doesn’t meet up with a Kitchenaid or a child with a covetous tongue.

  2. Jeannie says:

    I wonder if Cili is related to that anonymous artist who chose butter as her sculpting medium?

  3. joan says:

    tasty art!

  4. alan says:

    I read that in 1966…..as good as watching Dr No for the first time (1962 )….If you are ready for a good laugh check out ” The Saga Begins ” by Weird Al on YOU TUBE….

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