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Guessing Game

I love guessing games, riddles and such.  So here is a good one for you to “noodle” on, as a friend of mine would say, while you sit in front of the tube trying to guess whose dress cost more … Continue reading

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Covering The Cost

Up in Canada, where it’s just possible that things are more laid back and more screwed up than they are in California, say, evidence of the latter supposition has just hit the daily fish wrappers.  In Toronto, just across the … Continue reading

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A Work Of Art

Upon St. Valentine’s Day we sat down to a lovely meal in the evening and enjoyed each others company and conversation.  There was a pretty salad of beets, arugula and slices of fresh orange.  Our dessert was a homemade angel … Continue reading

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I Can’t Take Credit

The list that appears below would seem a recipe for failure in life, eh?  I mean for those who didn’t apply the traits outlined in the list to themselves.  For the most part the person who DIDN’T do these things … Continue reading

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