What Did I Go Out To See?

Mt. Shasta from the South, about 40 miles away

I thought I would share a few of the photos I took while visiting Mariellen’s brother Joseph and his wife in Northern California last year.

Black Butte, Wees, CA

Lake Shastina, Weed, CA

North to Redding, OR, about 50 miles away


More Company

More Company

The mountains, birds and deer and all the rest will stay with me for quite a long while.  The funny thing is that after coming back from being among all of that I took a walk in my little back yard and found this:

A More Delicate Beauty

Who Goes There?

Expectant Tomato Plant

No Mighty Eagle, Thee. Just a Tiny Chickadee.

and finding it was satisfied.


About Peadar Ban

There isn't much to say. I am here. I am here. I am here.
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2 Responses to What Did I Go Out To See?

  1. joan login says:

    Peter, the pictures and the commentary are simply perfect…..thanks for being here 🙂

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